About Us

 GAMA Goju was founded in 1982 by Charles June and Sammy Barger.   GAMA Goju is a derivative of the traditional Okinawan martial art, Goju Ryu Karate-Do.  It is an eclectic blend of hand, foot, elbow, and knee techniques and traditional Katas compiled by Kyoshi Charles June and Shihan Samuel Barger.  Because of our close ties with the Stroud School of Martial Arts in Kinston, jujitsu has been incorporated into many of our techniques as well.   The name GAMA pays homage to the first school at which the art was taught, "The Greenville Academy of Martial Arts". Goju is the art from which our style was derived. It stands for hard (GO) and soft (JU). The techniques that we teach and practice reflect this philosophy. We emphasize practical application of traditional martial arts as a means of personal self defense.  

Annual Seminar


February 24th, 2018

Each year we partner with Stroud's School of Martial Arts to hold a seminar with instructors from all over eastern NC.  

This year it was at Lenoir Community College in Kinston. Next year, the seminar will be held at our location on Firetower Road in Winterville.  Date TBA.

For the 2018 registration form, click here.